About Me

Ramona is a graduate at Inland Massage Institute in Spokane Washington. She is very focused on helping clients recover from muscular pain and dysfunction using effective techniques that she has developed through years of experience as a full-time massage therapist. 

Her style is a combination of deep, rhythmic and slow myofascial manipulation with muscle-specific trigger point therapy and focused breath-work. She often incorporates Gua-Sha, stretching, lymphatic and sports-massage. 
She uses her extensive knowledge of the human anatomy and kinesiology to bring about the most effective treatment possible for her clients. 
Ramona is also certified in prenatal massage therapy and enjoys working with expecting mothers. 


Here are some benefit of receiving regular massages: 

- relieving stress

- boosting immunity

- reducing anxiety

- managing low-back pain

- helping with fibromyalgia pain

- reducing muscle tension

- relieving tension headaches

- enhancing exercise performance

- sleeping better

- easing symptoms of depression

- improving cardiovascular health

- reducing pain of osteoarthritis

- decreasing stress in cancer patients

- improving balance in older adults

- decreasing rheumatoid arthritis pain

- promoting relaxation

- lowering blood pressure

- decreasing symptoms of “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”

- helping chronic neck pain

- lowering joint replacement pain

- increasing range of motion

- decreasing migraine frequency

- improving quality of life in hospice care

- reducing chemotherapy-related nausea

- tempering the effects of dementia